Choosing your wedding invitations
and the things you should consider

Choosing your wedding invitations and other stationery doesn't need to be a difficult part of your wedding planning process if you consider these points.

1 } Order a sample

Don't rely on photos on a website when choosing your invites. Order a sample of any of the items you love so you know exactly what to expect. Printed samples are usually copies of previous designs and, as such, won't include your specific information but they will give you an idea of the finished quality. Order a sample from us and the cost is even refunded when you go on to place an order.

Order a sample from us so you can see the finished quality of our stunning stationery

2 } Get a quote

We suggest requesting a quote early on in the process of gathering ideas. That way you'll have a better idea of how far your budget will stretch. Websites will often list general prices alongside their products. Sometimes listed as "from" or "starting from" these could be based on a larger order than what you need so don't rely on these to determine costs. Get a quote so you know how much your dream stationery will be.

We design stationery to suit all budgets, click here for a quote

3 } Get counting

Remember to count couples/families not individuals when deciding how many invites you need. Don't forget to add a couple of spare copies, either as keepsakes for yourselves or parents/in laws or in case you forget anyone! It will usually work out much more expensive to order a few extra copies afterwards so don't leave yourself short.

Most companies should offer reduced prices for larger quantities. Our price per invitation is considerably cheaper if you're placing an order for 75 or more so get in touch if you have a large guest list.

4 } RSVPs or not?

There are loads of options for requesting RSVPs from your guests. If you're using a wedding website they often include the option of requesting online RSVPs or alternatively you can supply an email for guests. Printed RSVPs are still the preferred option for weddings and if you're planning a destination wedding or travel themed event how about using a Postcard, Luggage Tag or Airline Ticket as the RSVP.

Postcards, in particular, are a cost effective option as you don't even need to supply RSVP envelopes. Just have guests pop on a stamp (or you can do that for them) and they can go straight in the mail. Don't forget, if you do want to supply RSVP envelopes for guests it may increase your mailing costs due to the additional weight.

5 } Choosing your wedding invitations and any additional items

Are you likely to need additional items for your big day? Have a think about what these might be and request a quote for them at the same time. Most suppliers (including us) will offer a discount if ordering more than one item. Ordering from one supplier will also save you time and effort researching options as well as keeping the style of your wedding stationery consistent.

6 } Is it cheaper to order locally?

In our experience no (especially as we include FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING on all orders). Online suppliers can be located anywhere in the world so don't let a little thing like distance get in the way of choosing your dream wedding stationery. We use couriers for our International orders, leaving us one day and often being delivered the next! Worldwide shipping is also FREE of charge on all orders, great to know when thinking about choosing your wedding invitations.

7 } Choosing your wedding invitations and how long will they take?

Stationers work in very different ways so the time it takes to produce your finished invitations will vary from supplier to supplier. At Destination Stationery we don't use templates and every design is created from scratch to your specific requirements.

Orders usually average at around 4 weeks from start to finish. That allows around 2 weeks for the design stage and a further 2 weeks for production. This is just a rough idea of timescale as orders can vary depending on the complexity of what you have in mind as well as how many amendments are needed to the proofs.

8 } How will you communicate with your chosen supplier?

So we've already mentioned that it's not necessary to choose a local stationery supplier so in which case email is a logical and easy form of communication. Drop us your questions and we'll get back to you within 48 hours (or often sooner). We can also arrange Skype chats or phone calls to discuss your needs. WhatsApp is another popular way to communicate. It's especially helpful if you don't have regular access to emails and we can use it to send photos of amended proofs and updates to the design if necessary.

Want to get in touch about your dream wedding stationery? Email us or click here

Whichever stationery supplier you choose we hope the above hints and suggestions about choosing your wedding invitations help you design your dream invitations and stationery. Get in touch if you think we've missed any helpful hints or you have a question for us.