What is Foil Blocking?

You have to consider Foil Blocking if you're looking for wedding stationery with the WOW factor! Foiling is the process of applying metallic foil to paper or card. A heated die of your design is then stamped onto the foil leaving the foil behind on your invitation. If you've not seen foiling in the flesh please don't hesitate to order a sample.

Foil Blocking - Is it for me?

The process of foiling is quite complicated which can make it costly. Not only are the pages of the invitation printed in the standard way, the cover is foil blocked using a die made to your specific design. The covers then go through a separate process in order for the foil to be added. My suppliers use an original Heidelberg cylinder which is the cream of the crop for this kind of process.

The option of foiling will add to the basic cost of the invites so it's certainly not going to within everyone's wedding stationery budget. Having said that if you're looking for some added glamour and elegance to your stationery or are having a Gold, Silver or Metallic Theme Wedding it's the perfect option.

Can I only have Gold Foil?

Certainly not, Gold obviously looks gorgeous and most authentic on a Passport (depending on the design of the country you've chosen). Silver is equally beautiful in foil and there is a multitude of other metallic colours available. Pink, Purple, Bronze, Black are all available so just let me know what you have in mind.

Budget won't stretch to foil?

That's not a problem either. I can print an equally gorgeous gold colour instead which looks very effective. The difference is it's not shiny, like the effect you get with foiling (but it's still beautiful). This option is more cost effective if you have a smaller budget. See below for examples of the difference between gold printing and gold foiling. Still not sure, then we'd suggest ordering a sample design with foil and one without so you can see the difference for yourself. The cost of the samples is refunded when you place an order anyway so it's win, win!

Example of gold foil blocked wedding passport invitationWith Gold Foiling
Example of gold printing on Passport Wedding InvitationWith Gold Printing

Not sure about Foil Blocking? Order a Sample

It is difficult to get the finished effect of foiling and printing so why don't you consider ordering a printed sample. Click on the Order a Sample button below to be taken to our sample shop. Don't forget the cost is refunded to you when you go on to place an order for any item of stationery.

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Foil blocking and the reasons why you should definitely consider it for your wedding stationery if you're looking to add a touch of luxury!