Wedding Invites
what to include

Forgetting to include important information on your wedding stationery can be a nightmare. It will mean your guests might need to contact you directly to ask questions about your celebration which will be frustrating for them and potentially time consuming for you.

We suggest the following as a guideline:


Your names - Might seem obvious but there’s nothing worse than guests receiving a Save the Date but not being sure who it’s from! 

The date -If you can’t include the specific date yet why not include the week or month of the wedding

The location - Try to at least include the country it’s taking place in if the actual venue isn’t booked when you want to send out your Save the Dates


Your full names - Or only include your first names here if you want a more relaxed feel for the invitations and you’ve already sent Save the Dates

Date/Time/Location - You should have all this information ready by the time you want to send out your invitations. If you’re planning a wedding abroad remember to include “from/to” dates if activities are happening over various days

RSVP Date - Work backwards from the date you need to supply your venue final numbers. We also suggest you give yourselves at least two weeks to chase up people who haven’t RSVP’d by the cut off date

Contact Details - These can be for yourselves or a close friend/family member who is involved with the wedding planning. Include phone numbers and an email address. Perhaps you might want to consider creating a WhatsApp or Facebook group for guests of the wedding to be able to communicate easily with each other. If you have a wedding planner, they will probably be happy for you to share their contact details with your guests but obviously check with them first.


Depending on the type of stationery you’ve chosen you might have room to include a few extras such as these;

• Itinerary

• Travel details

• Accommodation options

• Map/Directions

• Introduce your Wedding party

• Thank you message

• Gift list


Almost as bad as missing info off your stationery is trying to fit too much on there. Avoid the pitfalls by really thinking about what your guests need to know at the invitation stage. Even if you’re getting married abroad it’s not necessary to include a list of 15 accommodation options, their addresses, phone numbers and emails.

If you’re planning a particularly elaborate wedding or have lots and lots of information for your guests we really recommend you create a wedding website. Some of our favourites are:

Or, if you don’t want a whole wedding website but just need an online RSVP we suggest

Looking for more ideas of what to include on your wedding invites?

We'll be adding to this list but if you have any suggestions or still aren't sure what to include on your wedding invites get in touch.  We'll help you make ordering your wedding stationery as stress free as possible.

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Kate is beyond amazing. So lucky I found her on google. She did the invitations to my daughter's Bat Mitzvah and knocked it out of the park. I highly recommend Kate for your big event.

Jill Dulitsky (USA)

Oh my goodness the invitations came out amazing – we're so happy with them – the quality is unbelievable thank you so much. We think they're perfect – honestly couldn’t be happier!

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Kate is absolutely amazing! I received our invitations today, and my heart did a cartwheel! It is everything we wanted and so much more! The quality is world class!

The whole process is seamless. I only had about 5 to 6 email exchanges with Kate, and she got everything we wanted to a tee! She involves you in the process, but also provides such great insights on what would look best! 

Kate - you are very talented. You've just made another bride to be extremely happy! Will definitely recommend you to every couple I know!

Karen Rigoroso (Melbourne, AUS)