Airline Ticket Style Baptism Invitation

by Katerina
(Boston, Massachusetts USA)

I searched the Internet for months and finally found a great designer and individual to create my invitations.

I am always looking for something unique and with great quality and trying to plan a Baptism in Greece called for something that was unforgettable. Kate created a custom airline ticket invitation to represent all the information I was looking for without having to say a word.

Her talent and her exceptional service made this invitation memorable!!

Reply from Kate at Wedding Invitation Designer

It's always lovely to hear such a glowing testimonial but honestly Katerina made the process of designing her invitation so easy.

We started with a search for the perfect photo for the front and after showing her a few examples Katerina opted for a gorgeous sunset picture. The venue was incorporated into a snapshot/polariod style picture on the back which also included all the relevant information about the Baptism.

This was the first Baptism invitation I've been lucky enough to work on and I hope there will be many more to come.

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