Bahamas's Wedding Passport

by Latoya
(Brooklyn, New York)

“Best invitation ever!” or “I’ve never seen anything so beautiful and original!” These are the type of responses we received after mailing our passport invitations. In fact, one of those comments came from a friend who sent her own wedding invitation a month before we did!

Kate’s invitations aren’t for everyone as they are so unique and I was worried how some people, especially my grandma would receive them; she absolutely loves it! She shows everyone who comes to her house even people we didn’t invite! Leave it to my granny.

Our experience with Kate is unique in itself. I never spoke to her on the telephone or sat down with her, all our communication was through email. If you’re like me the concept of ordering something so important for your wedding without any face-to-face contact is Nerve-Racking!

Imagine, I don’t have a facebook page (no, seriously) and I only recently started paying my bills online so the concept of ordering internet wedding invitations is way out there for me.

However, I read other testimonials and after many months of meetings with other designers I couldn’t find anyone whose work was more beautiful or affordable than Kate’s. It took months to finalize the invitation we changed the destination of our destination wedding, we changed the date, and yet Kate remained patient and supportive throughout the entire process.

If you’re like me you are probably really paranoid about anything and everything you read online. I assure you I am a real person from Brooklyn, NY, a real bride, marrying the love of my life in Nassau Bahamas. Kate has my permission to give you my email information if you’d like to reach out to me. I want anyone who reads this testimonial to know Kate’s work is beautiful, professional, and it will get your guests talking and excited about a destination wedding. We can never thank her enough!

Latoya & Shaqwan

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