Beach Theme Wedding Invitations
- Tania and Craigs Personalised Invitations -

Looking for the perfect beach theme wedding invitations? Tania and Craig had a specific picture in mind for their wedding stationery. Read about how we came up with the perfect design.

Tania initially contacted me to design Save the Date cards and invitations for a party to celebrate after they returned from their wedding in Croatia. For the Save the Date cards they wanted a simple design using an Orange Lily as this was their theme flower. Below is the design I came up with which was printed as an A6 postcard style card with plain white envelopes.

I also supplied an emailable version so they could ensure all their guests received notice of their upcoming wedding and celebration party.

Lily Save the Date Card

Beach Theme Wedding Invitations

For the invitations themselves Tania already had the perfect image in mind and knew she and Craig would have to create it themselves rather than rely on sourcing one from an image library. They managed to take a suitable shot while on holiday and just needed me to make some minor adjustments to the get the image looking perfect. See below for the shots before and after I worked on them.

Save the Date Photo

Once we had the photograph ready the design followed on from there. Tania knew she wanted a square invitation and also for the stock to be an off white/cream colour so I sourced a suitable colour and size envelope before starting the design.


I then gave them some examples of typefaces I could use which would be perfect for beach theme wedding invitations. This gave me the opportunity to discuss the overall style they wanted. Choosing a formal "wedding" type font or a more fun casual one would effect the overall design and would also play a part in letting their guests know the type of celebration they were being invited to.

Read more about how to choose your perfect wedding invitation font and to see some more examples of typefaces here.

Wedding Stationery Typefaces

I then set about creating the actual design and sent Tania and Craig some variations to choose from. Below are the various stages the design went through before they decided on their final invitation.

Invitation Layouts
Beach theme invitation

Information Cards

Tania and Craig also wanted an additional information card to be sent out with their invites. They gave me information about local hotels, taxis, directions to the venue and also details of their gift list. I sourced a suitable map and created a double sided card that supplied their guests all the relevant information.

Wedding Information Card

Finally, I also created bespoke address labels to match the design. I used the original image of the orange lily from the save the date card to continue the theme. It was a nice finishing touch and also meant Tania and Craig didn’t have to hand write 100 addresses! Click here to see some examples of the personalised address labels I can design for you.