Black and White Wedding Theme

Although it might appear limiting, if you are planning a black and white wedding theme and choose to restrict your wedding stationery to black and white it can actually be quite liberating.

The design of your invitations can focus on detail while still keeping the overall theme simple. Here are just a few examples to inspire you if you’re a planning a black and white wedding.

Black and White Wedding Theme
Black and White Wedding Invitation

A Splash of Colour

Remember your wedding day is unique. Just because you have chosen a black and white theme wedding there’s no reason why you can’t inject a bit of colour! For example, simply picking out your names or the date of your wedding in your favourite colour on your invitations can really lift the overall design.

Black and White Wedding Theme


Personal monograms are also a simple but effective solution to stationery if you're planning a black and white theme. Click here to see some of the examples I've designed which can all be created in black and white should you choose.

Monogram Invitation


Printing in black and white usually costs less. It’s the case at the local copy shop and generally speaking, it’s the same when printing high quality wedding stationery. The reason for this isn’t technical, it’s because you are using less ink and its only one colour.

Choosing to stick to black and white when it comes to wedding stationery can be one way of trying to keep costs down when you are planning your wedding. Although as you can see from the examples above you will still be able to choose from stunning designs or have your own unique wedding stationery created especially for you. Your guests will never know your choice might have been influenced by your budget.

Monochrome Invitation

Black and White Wedding Theme Ideas

There are plenty of ideas you can choose if you're having a Monochrome Theme Wedding. Everything from the décor to the cake could be black and white. Obviously white is a traditional colour for a wedding dress anyway but why not add some black lace elements, either as sash/belt or in your accessories.

Décor ideas would include black and white candles on the tables or centre pieces made up of monochrome elements. Black and white balloons are also pretty striking.

Please contact me if you have an idea for a black and white wedding theme you would like to discuss.