Calla Lily Wedding Invitations

I can design unique Calla Lily Wedding Invitations and stationery if you have decided to choose the this beautiful lily as your theme flower.

The Calla Lily is the perfect wedding flower. Simple, elegant and available in a number of colour variations it works equally well as part of a wedding bouquet with other flowers or as a single buttonhole.

Calla Lily Invitation Examples

These are just some examples I have of designs for Calla Lily Invitations to inspire you. Perhaps you would like a different image for your own invitations? Because I offer a bespoke service any of my designs can be customized to your own requirements. Here are some more beautiful examples of images of all kinds of Lilies that could be incorporated into your design.

Lily Images

Perhaps you're considering using another flower as part of your wedding décor or bouquet. It doesn't matter which type of flower, I can usually find beautiful examples I can incorporate into a design for you.

I can change the images, colour, layout or typefaces of any of my designs to create your perfect wedding stationery. Fancy something completely different for your Calla Lily Wedding Invitations? Again this isn't a problem, I can create something unique especially for your big day. Contact me to discuss your ideas further and obtain a quote.

Calla Lily Wedding Invitations and Ideas

Lilies always look gorgeous as part of a bouquet but how about using them in a beautiful centre piece too. Elegant and tall they can look striking in a simple glass vase. Have a look at the images in on my Pinterest Board - Calla Lily Wedding for more inspiration and ideas.

Calla Lilies are such a beautiful flower that they'll make a great addition to any wedding décor. Have you also considered creating your own wedding flowers using Callas? I found a great instructional video on YouTube which shows you how to hand tie a bouquet and the steps look really easy. Click here to be taken to the movie I found (will open in a new window) but of course there are loads of other ones you might find helpful too.

When are Calla Lilies in season?

Depending on the variety, they typically bloom in June and July. The word "bloom" is used loosely when it comes to calla lilies. Their flowers aren't really flowers at all, but an elongated leaf known as a spathe. The stalk-like spadex grows in the middle of the spathe.

Florists can usually order calla lilies all year round from far-off locations so you don't need too worry much about them being in season for your wedding. One thing you might want to consider though is that they're likely to be more expensive at other times of the year so you might be better off choosing a flower which is going to be in full bloom at the time of your wedding. has a great chart of when flowers are in season. Click here to view it (will open in a new window).

Once you've chosen the wedding flowers for your big day get in touch to discuss ideas of how to incorporate them into your wedding stationery.