Crazy Idea - Russian doll wedding invitations

by Aleks K
(Geneva, Switzerland)

I can't begin to even tell the reader how many different websites I trawled through whilst looking for a company or designer who did bespoke wedding invitations. Just when I was ready to throw in the towel and go with something a little more standard/traditional, I stumbled upon Kate's website!

Though I did not spot the exact type of design I was looking for, I could tell through the sheer creativity of the other invites I spotted on her website that she was the girl for me. I wasn't mistaken in my assumption as Kate really brought my crazy idea to life.

I was quite greedy, if not a little mad, with my ideas: Russian matryoshka dolls, British and Russian slogans, Union Jack flag - my thoughts were going haywire. Luckily Kate saw through the haze of what I was trying to accomplish and what came out were some truly fabulous and unique wedding invitations.

I can't thank Kate enough for her creativity and hard work, she was a pleasure to work with and I will definitely recommend her to anyone looking to create some original wedding invitations, and indeed any other type of stationary. I'll certainly be in touch with her again!

Aleks K

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