Planning a Destination Wedding
- Guest Information -

Planning a destination wedding will probably mean you will have more information you need to give your guests about your wedding day.

Most guests will usually not expect you to book or plan their journeys for them but offering helpful information will be greatly appreciated. Generally the content will be the same as a Guest Information Card for a wedding at home but below are some more specific examples particularly relevant for weddings abroad.

Destination Wedding Planning

Destination Wedding Planning

Information you might like to include

  • Destination details - The names of local airports, train stations etc. whatever is appropriate to your wedding location
  • Travel details - List airlines (including websites) that fly to local airports
  • Local information - Your guests might like to do some sightseeing while they are away, include the details of local attractions
  • Recommendations - If you have visited your wedding location before maybe you could recommend some local restaurants to your wedding guests
  • Itinerary - Let guests know if you're planning to arrange any additional events for them to join in with

Fancy something different?

Why not let me create a unique travel guide for your guests. All you have to do is supply me with information about your destination such as the things suggested above, along with anything else you think your guests will love reading about.

I will then design and produce the personal guides for you to give to your guests on their arrival. They will surely appreciate the effort you've gone to make them feel welcome at your destination wedding and you can ensure they have all the information they need to truly enjoy their time away with you.

Information can usually be sourced for free from local tourist information websites* or if you are using a wedding planner for your wedding abroad perhaps they will have local information they can provide you.

Another idea that compliments the travel theme of a destination perfectly is an Airline Ticket Wallet. These can be designed to fit in with your theme colours, images etc. and can house your Boarding Card Wedding Invitation along with your Guest Information Sheet. Click here or on the image above to see what I created for Diane and Colin's Wedding in beautiful Monaco.

*Please ensure you check the accuracy of information. I cannot be held responsible for information you supply me.