Fabulous Australian / French Passport Invite!

by Kylie & Nicolas
(London, UK)

Australian and French Passport Invitation

Australian and French Passport Invitation

We have just received our final invites, ready for sending out to our family and friends and are thrilled to bits with the result! We were like 2 kids at Christmas when the box arrived over the weekend and it was truly worth all the excitement as the invites look super, we can't wait to hear the feedback as our guests receive them :-)

We'd like to say a huge thanks to Kate as she has been incredibly patient given we needed both English & French versions. It's been so easy doing business with her - her creativity, attention to detail and personalised advice has been truly spot on and I really don't think we could have achieved exactly what we wanted with many other companies out there offering a similar product.

As it is, we've ended up with a Passport invite which pays homage to my fiancé's French nationality and to my Australian - so we know both sides of the family will be really impressed too! Additionally, inside are some stunning pictures of our venue & the destination itself, Koh Samui, helping to transport our guests there in their mind's eye till the big day.

We'd highly recommend Kate and her work to any other couple who are having a destination wedding - it's such a unique & fun way of designing your invitations - so much more appropriate than a traditional, formal looking invite, given the location. Thanks again Kate for bringing our big day hopes & dreams to our invitation!

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