Fran and Mark's Airline Ticket Invite

by Mark Gatto
(Ovingham, Northumberland)

When starting out on our wedding preparation, we had contemplated going down the DIY route and attempting to make our own unique and personal invites. However, when my beautiful wife-to-be found this website and the fantastically inventive invites that are lovingly produced by Kate, we both knew we had found something special.

We both enjoy travelling and will be going to both Boston and Nepal for our split Honeymoon. The airline ticket was perfect and really fitted with out shared passion. Incorporating an authentic design with the personal touches of a photo and our own message made this the obvious choice.

Kate's flexible approach to design and content meant that we could really mould the product to be something truly personal. The fantastic skills and professional touch that Kate brought to the process meant that we now have invites that are far better than we could ever have produced and will make the lasting impact we wanted.

From start to finish, Kate was prompt, supportive and creative with her advice. Via regular email contact, we were shown drafts along the way and given plenty on opportunities to make changes and tweaks to the final product. Once we had decided, Kate remained prompt and professional in ensuring we ordered the right amount for us. An extremely prompt and secure next day postage completed the process. We were genuinely excited to get the package open and we were thrilled with the result.

Thanks Kate.

Mark and Fran

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