Japanese Wedding Invitations
- Keiko and O -

Keiko and her fianc√© O were looking for Japanese wedding invitations  for their wedding ceremony being held in the beautiful Imperial Hotel in Tokyo. Because of their love of travel they decided to use both a wedding passport and boarding pass design for their invitations.

Japanese Wedding Invitations

Realistic Japanese Wedding Invitations

For their Japanese Wedding Invitations invitation Keiko and O wanted to use a real Japanese passport for the design but in their cream and colour colours. I was lucky enough to find a decent photograph of the front of the passport online so I was able to copy this to create their design. The wording on the front said Wedding Passport in the style of an actual passport and I also designed a monogram for the back cover.

Inside, along with their passport picture, I included details of the wedding venue, time, date etc along with some passport stamps showing the places they had travelled to together. Keiko and O opted for a 4 sided invitation without a tear off RSVP card as they had already set up a wedding website and wanted people to RSVP via there. Read more about wedding websites below.

Japanese Ticket Invitation

Keiko wanted separate Japanese wedding invitations for the ceremony and the wedding reception dinner so used the boarding pass/airline ticket idea for the ceremony and a passport invitation for the reception. I used the wedded bliss template with the illustration of the aeroplane as the basis of the design and changed the background colour from white to cream to continue the theme of Keikos wedding colours.

Wedding Websites

I am finding that wedding websites are becoming increasingly popular especially for couples getting married overseas. They enable you to share additional information about your wedding with guests, have an online guest book as well as sharing photos before and after the event. Wedding websites also have the added bonus of being able to share information about your big day with any guests who aren't able to attend the actual wedding itself, you can make sure they don't miss out on plans by keeping them up to date on the website.

I don't think wedding websites were available when I got married in 2002 or if they were I didn't find any but after a number of customers asked me to recommend which wedding website they should use I started to look into the selection available. There are numerous types including some very good free ones but the company I recommend has to be Wedding Window (link will open in a new window)

I feel the templates and customisation options they have available is excellent and the cost is very reasonable. Setting up a wedding website is very straightforward and you don't need to have any HTML (website coding) knowledge in order to create a very professional looking website. The Wedding Window websites also give you the facility of having an online RSVP option which is really useful for weddings abroad or at home.

Click here to read more about why I think wedding websites are such a good idea.