Personalized Birthday Invitations
- Party Passport -

I knew I wanted to create some Personalized Birthday Invitations for my little boy's 4th birthday party and a Party Passport seemed to fit perfectly!

Passport Party Invitation

My son was having a joint birthday with a very close friend and although we decided not to go for a theme as such, a Party Passport with a Cheeky Monkey design seemed appropriate for our two cheeky monkey's!

I used a great photo of the two of them for the official passport page which was taken during a day trip to Legoland. They both looked so happy in the shot which made it the perfect choice for their Personalized Birthday Invitations. In my usual Wedding Passports couples include details of their destination and date of the wedding along with further information such as a wedding website but on this birthday card I decided instead to include some facts about each of them. These were their dates of births and their favourite things (books, drawing, toy cars etc)

I then used the space at the bottom of the official passport page to include the contact details for myself and Ambers mum so people could RSVP easily.

The top section of the design incorporated the cheeky monkey design as a background along with the party invitation wording:

"Our cheeky monkey's are turning 4 and would like to invite..."

I then left space so we could hand write in the names of those invited. This worked out to be easier in the long run as we were able to add to the guest list once we had received back RSVPs. I could have had each guests name printed directly onto the invitation as I do with some of my wedding stationery but there is an extra charge for this made by my printers so we thought it would be best to hand write them.

The overall design itself used a green and orange tropical colour scheme and had a cute illustration of two monkeys on the front. I also included a map on the back of the invite to help our out of town guests.

I'm delighted to say the invites were a huge hit and the party that followed was everything our two cheeky monkeys could have hoped for.

Personalized Birthday Invitations

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