Tropical Airline Ticket
- Natalie and James -

These Tropical Airline Ticket invitations were designed to match the colourful Luggage Tag Save the Dates I'd already created for Natalie and James.

Getting married in the Bahamas meant Natalie and James were looking for the perfect topical theme wedding stationery to match their destination and reflect their personalities. Hot pink and bright orange are a gorgeous combination and worked really well the the cut out palm tree motif.

Tropical Airline Ticket

Tropical Wedding Invitation
Tropical Save the Date

The matching Luggage Tags were sent out around 6 months before the actual invitations to give guests plenty of time to think about booking holiday from work/flights/accommodation etc.

When should I send my Save the Dates?

If you've set the date and booked your main wedding details why not consider sending out save the dates as much as a year in advance of your destination wedding. Your guests will appreciate the time to make arrangements to join you for your big day.

I've worked with plenty of couples who send out Save the Dates a year in advance. If you've not yet booked a specific date for the wedding but know the week you'll be getting married why not consider sending "Save the Week" instead. The wording can be amended so your guests know that the rough date of your wedding will be between X and Y dates. This means they'll still be able book time off work and start looking for suitable flights/accommodation so they can attend.

Should I ask for RSVPs to Save the Dates?

This is really up to you. Traditionally, it's not customary to request guests respond to a Save the Date with their intentions to join you. I feel you should consider your own wedding and your guests, at the end of the day you know them best. Will they feel offended to have to reply to a Save the Date? Probably not and they might even want to let you know as soon as possible if they'll be attending. You could always word the Save the Date RSVP in a light-hearted way. Something like "So we can get an idea of numbers please let us know if we should reserve you a spot on beach or if you'll be toasting us from afar".

Obviously, this is just an example but I hope you get the idea. Traditional or not, requesting an RSVP to a Save the Date might effect your decision making process so realistically, what harm can it do?

Postcards, Luggage Tags, Airline Tickets or Passports can all be designed as Save the Dates giving your guests as much or as little information as you have available. If you like this Tropical Airline Ticket but would like to change the design to suit your wedding destination just get in touch with your ideas and I'll get back to you as quickly as I can.