Wedding Information Cards

Why I think Wedding Information Cards are a great addition to your Wedding Stationery.

You will undoubtedly have lots of information you need to give your guests before the big day but the key to stunning wedding invitations is to keep it simple. You don’t want to overwhelm your guests and include too much information on the invitation itself. You also won’t want to detract from the beautiful design by squeezing in too much text.

A simple solution for providing additional information to your guests is to include everything relevant in a card which you send out along with the invitations. Usually an A6 double sided postcard style card will suffice such as the example below.

Wedding Information Card

What are Wedding Information Cards?

They are generally cards added inside the official invitation. They are a great way to share additional information for your guests.

Things you may want to include

  • Map of location – Especially important if you are holding the marriage ceremony and reception in two separate locations
  • Hotel/B&B Information – Don’t worry you don’t need to become a travel guide for your guests but including the names, phone numbers, website and possibly the price per room of local establishments will be greatly appreciated
  • Wedding list- Not sure how to word the details of your wedding list? Click here to see examples
  • RSVP - Click here for more information about RSVPs

Of course you can include all this information directly on your invitation but it may result in "information overload" for your guests. I agree that sending this information in one easy to use/read format is helpful but you want to get the balance right between what you'd like to include, what you need to include and the overall aesthetic of your design.

If you want to contact me with your ideas I'm more than happy to talk through the options. I can even email over PDF examples of what other couples chose to include which might give you some ideas.

As an alternative to a Wedding Information Card perhaps consider creating a Wedding Website to house all the additional info about your big day. Click here to read more details about creating one yourself.

Planning a Destination Wedding?

Click here to see why its even more important to send your guests an additional information card. As well as unique ideas to make this a fun part of your wedding stationery your guests will really appreciate.