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Are children invited?

Below are some wedding invitation wording examples that specifically relate to how to word your invites regarding issue of children being invited or not.

Whether or not you invite children to your wedding day or reception is down to personal choice. You may need to consider numbers, costs or even whether or not the venue is child friendly. Ultimately it’s your wedding day and you may simply want to enjoy it the way you want, with or without children present.

You should use your wedding invitation wording to make it clear whether or not children are welcome. You can do this in a number of ways, the most obvious is including their names on the invitations themselves.

Address the envelope to the person or couple you are inviting. On the actual invitation list by name those specifically invited.

We would like to invite Kate, Daniel and Jesse
to our wedding on the 3rd of July

People should understand from this wedding invitation wording example whether or not their children are included in the invitation.

If you are also providing an additional information card for your guests you might want to express the situation in a little more detail, for example.

Unfortunately our wedding venue is not very
child friendly so we are unable to invite children
to celebrate with us. We hope you understand.

Alternatively, if children are invited, you could also use the information card as an opportunity to let parents know their children’s needs will be catered for.

A couple I worked with recently arranged for a magician at their wedding reception and had the following wording included in their information card for guests.

We welcome children to join us in celebrating our wedding day.
Please let us know if yours will be attending
so we can organise enough fun entertainment for them.

If children are coming to your wedding day, especially if you are having a sit down meal, it’s a good idea to know their ages in advance. That way you can arrange special child friendly meals and drinks if necessary. It’s also a nice idea to supply a small gift bag at the table for children, some crayons, a colouring book and a small toy will keep them entertained and will certainly be appreciated by their parents!

Wedding invitation wording examples

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