Wedding Invitation Wording

So you’ve chosen your design, the next step is deciding your wedding invitation wording and what you want to include.

Choosing the wording for your invitations can be a bit of a minefield. I would always suggest you keep it simple. Don’t overload your guests with too much information. There are always additional information cards which can be sent along with your actual invites to give your guests more information about your wedding day.

The links below have been created as a resource to help you through the process, don’t become overwhelmed just take each item one at a time and carefully consider what you want to say to your guests.

Like I keep saying, each wedding day is unique and your wedding stationery should be just as personal. The following pages have been designed to inspire you and point you in the right direction if you need some guidance. I always welcome suggestions for alternative wording examples so feel free to send me yours.

Already decided the wording you want? Have a quick read through the links below you might find some information you’ve forgotten.

Wedding Invitation Wording

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When considering what to include in your invitation think about the wedding as if you were a guest. Obviously you'll need to know the basic information such as date, location, names of couple getting married (including surnames).

Other information is optional but I'd suggest it's still worthwhile including the following;

RSVP date - Read more about why you should include an RSVP date here.

Contact Information - Make it easy for your guests to contact you (or someone in your wedding party) if they have any questions. This is especially important for Destination Weddings.

Finally, why not personalise your invitation even more by including a Poem or Quote which is relevant to you both. This is a great way of adding some personality to your stationery and make them even more special.

I'm adding more information to my site all the time. If any of the links above aren't highlighted its only because I am in the process of building those pages. Please call back later or contact me for more ideas of how to write your wedding invitations.